Medical Cannabis is a growing treatment because it provides so many benefits with very few drawbacks. In over 10,000 years of known cannabis use, it has never caused a single death. Medical marijuana can provide effective pain relief for sufferers of arthritis, and reduce the effects of glaucoma, anxiety, depression, and Alzheimer’s disease. If you are suffering from chronic pain and have been unsuccessful with traditional treatments, medical marijuana may be for you.

 Key Benefits:

  • Reduces chronic muscle pain
  • Reduces effects of depression and anxiety
  • Reduces effects and can reverse effects of glaucoma
  • Effective treatment for multiple sclerosis
  • Reduces involuntary movements

We work with Cannascribe to provide you with high-grade medical marijuana to use either as a singular treatment or as an add-on to ongoing traditional treatment.


Cannascribe is one of Canada’s longest standing grassroots services assisting patients with cannabis for medical purposes. Helping thousands of patients obtain their medical licenses to produce and/or obtain medical cannabis from licensed producers.

Operating in the medical cannabis sector since 2014, Cannascribe has built a wide network across Canada. Consisting of partnerships with licensed producers, equipment suppliers, product specialists, medical/wellness clinics, educational affiliates and political and advocacy groups.

Our network brings together the most respected sources of knowledge and expertise in the cannabis space. Providing patients and other physicians access to the leading professionals who understand cannabis and its medical benefits.

We work collaboratively with a multitude of producers to bring our patients and doctors options in choosing the licensed producer that best fits their needs. Facilitating patients with access to legal cannabis or growing with continuing support from us.

To begin the process of obtaining medical cannabis from a licensed producer please complete the Patient assessment form (5-10 minutes to complete). This form will help our physicians in determining your eligibility for Medical Cannabis use.